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Crested Butte Angler

Bar ZX Ranch

We are lucky to have access to this unique fishery.  The Bar ZX Ranch has 25 lakes connected and fed by springs and the cold clear run-off from nearby Ragged Mountain.  Ten-pound fish are common, and over 12 species of trout and char are willing to take your fly, including tiger trout.  Breathtaking scenery and easy access are icing on the cake.  The Bar ZX is a little over an hour drive from Crested Butte.  We normally fish the  afternoon and evening hours from around noon or one to eight or nine o'clock.  Morning trips are also an option during spring and late fall. Over the years, the Bar ZX has blown away hundreds of our clients.  It is a great experience for all anglers from larger corporate groups, families, to the angler who wants to see something different.  Equipment, lunch or dinner, flies, and rod fees included.



1 Angler - $650

2 Anglers - $895

3 Anglers - $1295

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