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Crested Butte Angler

Private Water - Sleeping Dog Ranch

The Sleeping Dog Ranch is about 2 miles of private Cebolla Creek, and Crested Butte Angler has an exclusive fishing lease on the property.  SDR is about a one hour forty-five minute drive from Crested Butte.  The ranch sits southwest of Gunnison on 309 acres at an elevation of 9,100 feet. We only allow six anglers per week, so expect unpressured aggressive wild trout that love to eat dry flies.  This trip involves a decent amount walking/hiking through an uneven meadow, as we fish our way upstream from hole to hole.  Over the past five seasons, we've observed prolific hatches including hoppers by the millions up to #4, stoneflies, caddis, drakes, bwo, pmd, midge, and ants.  This special fishery is comprised mainly of browns with a few rainbows and brookies.  This is a full day trip and private rod fees are included.



1 Angler - $595

2 Anglers - $795

3 Anglers - $1195 

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